Standards for Alternative Investment

EVCA Governance Guidelines 2005
EVCA Valuation Guidelines 2006
EVCA Code of Conduct 2008
EVCA Reporting Guide 2006
EVCA Governing Principles 2005
The European Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (EVCA) represents, promotes and protects the long-term interests of the private equity and venture capital industry in Europe. EVCA has published these guidelines for various aspects of "alternative" investment
MFA Sound Guidelines The Managed Futures Association (USA) has published this lengthy guide to Sound Practices for Hedge Fund Managers (2007)
Hedge Fund Standards Board The Hedge Fund Standards Board acts as custodian of the best practice standards published by the Hedge Fund Working Group on 22 January 2008
IPEV Valuation Guidelines International Private Equity and Venture Capital Valuation Guidelines (2009). A useful read for those who wish to learn how "alternative" investment markets work, brought to you by a group of trade bodies
ILPA Principles Produced by the Institutional Limited Partners Association in Ontario (“ILPA”), these Private Equity Principles cover governance, alignment of interest, and transparency for private equity partnerships