Some Suggestions for the Content of a Regulator's Website

By J E Halsey

27 September, 1996

Following IMRO's pioneering UK regulatory website which went live on 29July, 1996 home pages for the other SROs are eagerly awaited by ComplianceOfficers who have internet connectivity. Many regulated constituents havealready established sites and there are now significant opportunities for theregulators to get their message across and improve the timeliness, efficiencyand effectiveness of investor protection by taking advantage of the newcommunications technology.

Such sites should serve two primary audiences: practitioners and investors.Each of these audiences has its own information need profile but it is suggestedthat the following elements should be featured at a regulatory website:-


For practitioners:

For investors:

Increasingly, financial regulation is an international, cross-jurisdictionalundertaking, reflecting the fact that Investment Business is by its nature now adiversified and international activity. The internet helps us see that this is aglobal world facing global issues that seek global solutions. In the financialfield we see jurisdictions competing with each other on the basis of cost, highquality of service, legal systems and communications and investor protection.Effective regulation is an important element in this competitive process.