MiFID II Compliance Exchange

Despite Britain opting to leave the EU it is expected that MiFID II (or something very like it) will come into effect in the UK on 3 January 2018. The links below are designed to help practitioners prepare for the changes.

MiFID II Compliance Resources

The DirectiveEnglish language .pdf of the original text of the MiFID II Directive
The RegulationsEnglish language .pdf of the original text of the MiFIR Regulations
The MiFID Delegated DirectiveDelegated directive supporting the MiFID II Directive
The MiFID Org RegulationSupplementing implementing regulation
FCA's MiFID II pageFCA's page to keep market participants, firms and consumers informed of developments relating to MiFID II
FCA CP IFCA's first MiFID II consultation paper (15 December 2015) covers issues related to regulation of the secondary trading of financial instruments on RMs, MTFs, OTFs, SIs and by HFTs
FCA CP IIFCA's second MiFID II consultation paper (29 July 2016)
FCA CP IIIFCA's third MiFID II consultation paper (29 September 2016)
FCA CP IVFCA's fourth MiFID II consultation paper (December 2016)
FCA CP VFCA's fifth MiFID II consultation paper (March 2017)
FCA PS IFCA's first MiFID II policy statement with draft rules (31 March 2017)
ESMA's MiFID II TimetableMiFID II/MiFIR II entered into force on 2 July 2014. The new rules will take effect from 3 January 2017, following the consultation exercise
Technical StandardsConsultation on Draft technical standards under MiFID II - ESMA invited responses to questions listed in this Paper by 31 October 2015

The Earlier MiFID I - the prequel

The original MiFID Directive 2004-39-EC (MiFID Level 1)English language .pdf of the original text of the MiFID Directive 2004-39-EC (MiFID Level 1)
The Earlier MiFID Implementing Directive 2006-73-EC (MiFID Level 2)English language .pdf of the original text of the MiFID Implementing Directive 2006-73-EC (MiFID Level 2)
Original ESMA Guidelines for the compliance functionGuide to the MiFID compliance function requirements, September 2012 - ESMA/2012/388